24.07.2011 KaDy Students for a 7th place finish
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KaDy Students for a 7th place finish


ASSS Walbrzych - KaDy Students 3-5 (2-3)

KaDy Students equalled their own Finnish record for a best placing in the Men's European Universities Futsal Championship. Second 7th place finish in a row was accomplished by claiming a deserved victory against team Walbrzych from Poland. As there were more participants this year than last year (24 vs. 16), including two representatives of Spain and Portugal, two powerhorses of European futsal, this year's achievement deserves more praise.

A seventh match in seven days was always going to be a physically challenging occasion for the injury-hit KaDy side, but the team was determined to end its already successful tournament with a win. A roster of only a goalie and seven more or less exhausted or injured players got the better of a bit disorganised Poles with goals by courtesy of captain Mikko Kytölä (2), Matias "Madness" Juvonen (2) and Jussi Haapamäki.

KaDy Students thank you all for your support. See you next year in Cordoba, Spain?

KaDy Students Statistics:
Mikko Kytölä 2+0
Matias Juvonen 2+0
Jussi Haapamäki 1+0
Jukka Kytölä 0+3
Tomi Lahtinen 0+1

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