18.07.2011 KaDy Students got off with a losing start
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KaDy Students got off with a losing start


KaDy Students - University of Paris 3-6 (0-2)

KaDy Students began the European championship with a disappointing defeat to the University of Paris. KaDy's defensive mistakes and lack of initiative cost them dearly, whereas the French were physically strong and scored a couple of goals through great individual efforts.

KaDy goals were scored by captain Mikko Kytölä (2) and Mikko "Anger" Takala, all assisted by Matias Juvonen. Interestingly, KaDy managed to score only by playing with a flying goalie. However, this does not imply that KaDy's play with a flying goalie was a success, for the French scored twice during that period.

KaDy Students' next and last group game is tomorrow at 15:30 against Sumy State University from Ukraine. As University of Paris have already collected four points (win and a penalty shootout loss), what is at stake for KaDy is the second place of the group, whereas the Ukrainians are still in hunt for the first place.

KaDy Students statistics:
Mikko Kytölä 2+0
Mikko Takala 1+0
Matias Juvonen 0+3

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