17.07.2010 Player Card Series: Last But Not Least - Jussi Kaihlajärvi
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Player Card Series: Last But Not Least - Jussi Kaihlajärvi


Player Card Series is now complete. Stay tuned for the latest news from Zagreb next week! See also the team page of KaDy Students.

KaDy students will participate, as a representative of Finland, in the European Universities’ Futsal Championship held in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia this summer (July 18th – 25th). During the period before the tournament, kadyfutsal.net will satisfy the desires of the gossip-thirsty public by publishing an informative player card of every team member one by one. Stay online – any day can be a new player card day!

Previously published player cards:

3# Kerkko Huhtanen
6# Jukka Kytölä
17# Arash Muridiyazd
1# Riku Pelkonen
11# Mikko Kytölä
13# Mikko Takala
Tero Kelhälä (head coach)
8# Teemu Pulkkinen
2# Samu Kytölä
23# Jaakko Kinnunen
9# Sami Eskonniemi
7# Kimmo Tolvanen

4# Jussi Kaihlajärvi

Anonymous peer review: "'Kaihlis' is the other Skädäm (local club) mercenary in the team. His background as an athlete manifests itself in explosive speed and a
well-trained butt. Talented dribbler with a notoriously volatile character, Kaihlis is certain to cause emotional arousal amongst the opponents and the audience."


Date of birth: 3.1.1983.

Status: A Player.

Height/weight: 177cm/76kg

Major subject: Teacher education (University of Jyväskylä).

KaDy-name(s): Kaihlis.

Strengths as a futsal player? "1 vs. 1 duels and left foot."

Interests outside futsal court? "Movies, variety of sports, gambling."

Kimmo Tolvanen asked you a question: "If I remember correctly, you used to be a sprinter (100m and 200m). Can you tell us what are the benefits you have gained from your running career considering futsal?""Well, I suppose I still have some explosive speed which comes in handy every now and then... That's pretty much the only thing."

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