23.07.2011 A disappointing match and result
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A disappointing match and result


Moscow State Academy of Physical Education University - KaDy Students 5-2 (4-1)

KaDy Students lost to the Moscow State Academy of Physical Education University after a lacklustre display. To put it bluntly, watching the match was about just as interesting as watching the paint dry on the wall.

After KaDy Students took the lead in the first minute through Matias Juvonen, the Russians began playing with a flying goalie for the rest of the match. After ten minutes of play and two goals for the Russians, KaDy did the same thing, which lowered the tempo of the game to the minimum. The players were tired, and so were the spectators; half of them left the building yawning at halftime. KaDy's play without a goalie was unimaginative and inefficient, and the Russians were happy just to run the clock out by keeping the ball.

Tomorrow KaDy will try to equal their last year's record (7th position) at 12 o'clock against ASSS Walbrzych from Poland. Hopefully we will see better futsal than today!

KaDy Students statistics:
Matias Juvonen 1+0
Mikko Takala 1+0
Jukka Kytölä 0+1
Jussi Haapamäki 0+1

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