21.07.2011 Epic victory for selfless KaDy Students
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Epic victory for selfless KaDy Students


KaDy Students - University of Belgrade 5-2 (0-2)

"Never lose your faith" was the lesson to learn from today's thrilling encounter between KaDy Students and University of Belgrad, Serbia.

From the KaDy point of view, the first half was simply miserable. The athletic Serbs showed such movement and skill that KaDy was stretched to the breaking point for most of the time. During the first fifteen minutes KaDy just couldn't play their own game at all, and the few scoring chances came through set pieces. There was a slight improvement in the end, but defeat looked inevitable. Only magnificent saves by Teemu "Temple" Holopainen saved KaDy from a rude beating.

When the second half began, the contrast couldn't have been any greater. Hungry KaDy Monster presented its claws and attacked the Serbs at will. Whether it was down to the opponents - perhaps arrogance, fatigue or more defensive tactics - or the rebirth of the KaDy horde, KaDy Students got the upper hand from the outset.

The indomitable Jukka Kytölä scored two stunning goals to get KaDy even, and the heat was on. KaDy launched attack after attack, and Belgrade couldn't answer the brutality of the onslaught. The tempers got high, and a red card for the Serbs came as no surprise, Mikko "Anger" Takala provoking the anger of the retaliator.

Takala himself got advantage of the situation, scoring right after the ineffective power play had ended. Belgrade began playing with a flying goalie, but world-class Takala was today just too hot to handle and scored his decisive-looking second goal, sending a message for the national team coach Jouni Pihlaja sitting in the stands. Team captain Mikko Kytölä finished the job with another empty net goal.

This was a victory for the team play and spirit over individual skill, a performance to cherish and probably one of the best achievements in the history of the Finnish futsal. Tomorrow evening KaDy will compete for the semifinal spot at 18:30 against University of Valencia.

See photos from the match.

Forza Jyväskylän ja koko Suomen KaDy!

KaDy Students statistics:
Jukka Kytölä 2+0
Mikko Takala 2+0
Mikko Kytölä 1+1
Matias Juvonen 0+2
Kimmo Tolvanen 0+2

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