22.07.2011 Close but no cigar - Valencia won with a last-gasp goal
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Close but no cigar - Valencia won with a last-gasp goal


KaDy Students - University of Valencia 4-5 (0-0)

On another evening to remember, KaDy Students were overcome by a University of Valencia team boasting seven professionals from a Spanish Segunda division team that was nearly promoted to the Spanish Primera division.

The Spaniards secured the victory only 18 seconds before the end with a lucky bounce goal. KaDy's problems with defending against a foreign team playing with a flying goalie continued, as Valencia got even and scored the winner after KaDy's two-goal lead. Jukka Kytölä's superb second-half hat trick gave pleasure to the audience but in the end provided only a weak consolation.

The atmosphere at the match was exceptionally good for a futsal match in Finland, but the home support couldn't tip the balance to the advantage of KaDy.

- The match was a highly emotional experience. After a very good game the disappointment is almost too much to handle. Despite the defeat the fans think that the team gave the best they could. KaDy has taken a huge leap from the last year's competition, and probably won over quite a few people with tonight's performance, the spokesman of KaDy Ultras told kadyfutsal.net.

Tomorrow KaDy Students will play Moscow State Academy of Physical Education University at 18:30. There is still plenty to play for, because KaDy can break their own Finnish record (set last year), a 7th place finish.

KaDy Students statistics:
Jukka Kytölä 3+0
Tomi Lahtinen 1+0
Mikko Kytölä 0+2
Kimmo Tolvanen 0+1

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