19.07.2011 Interview: coach Kelhälä on the first knockout round and the tournament so far
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Interview: coach Kelhälä on the first knockout round and the tournament so far


KaDy will face University of EGE (Turkey) on Wednesday in a 1st knockout round match where the stakes are high. Lose, and the tournament has been a disaster; win, and anything is possible.

Kadyfutsal.net interviewed KaDy Students head coach Tero Kelhäläabout what lies ahead and what has been left behind. This is what he had to say about the tomorrow's opponents.


- I have not personally seen them play, but thanks to our scouting network I have received plenty of relevant information. The futsal they play is not as mobile as that of our earlier opponents; they seem to play in 2-2 formation similar to FTK [a Finnish team recently relegated from the Futsal League], in which the players don't rotate very much. Because of this the Turks are not tactically as modern as for example the Ukraine team. However, they do have skilled players, so we must not expect a free lunch, Kelhälä analyzes the task ahead.

What about the tournament so far? It is two defeats for KaDy, but Kelhälä sees some progress.

- True, the pieces haven't quite clicked into place yet, but this is understandable because some of our players don't spend the summer in Jyväskylä and haven't been able to train with us. We had a tough group, but it served us well; now we have two good training matches under the belt, and I think we are getting better every game. To be honest, I don't think it really matters whether you finish second or third in your group. It is only now that the real games begin, and when the going gets tough, the tough get going, Kelhälä declares confidently.

20.7. at 16:00
University of EGE - KaDy Students

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