29.05.2010 Player Card Series: Finnish National Team Player Jukka Kytölä in the Spotlight
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Player Card Series: Finnish National Team Player Jukka Kytölä in the Spotlight


KaDy students will participate, as a representative of the University of Jyväskylä, in the European Universities’ Futsal Championship held in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia this summer (July 18th – 25th). During the next seven weeks kadyfutsal.net will satisfy the desires of the gossip-thirsty public by publishing an informative player card of every team member one by one. Stay online – any day can be a new player card day!

Previously published player card:

Kerkko Huhtanen

6# Jukka Kytölä

An anonymous peer review: "Sometimes, when you see 'Kajuk' play, you get this peculiar feeling that it's as if he's not bound by the laws of physics. He's definitely a future star in futsal, but will he ever grow out of the (in)famous red pants?"


Date of birth: 27.12.1988.

Status: A player, the vice captain.

Weight/height: 71kg/177cm

Clubs: KaDy (2005- ).

Major subject: Psychology (University of Jyväskylä).

KaDy-name(s): Kajuk, Psychological.

Strengths as a futsal player? "A vast desire to develop, leading the team on the court."

Interests outside futsal court? "Football, gym, eating, reading, watching TV, Internet."

Kerkko Huhtanen wants to know whether or not you have ironed your red sweatpants for Zagreb already? "Not yet, I leave that to my girlfriend or mum."

What have you always wanted to know about a KaDy player but have been too afraid to ask him? "I’d like to ask Arash (Muridiyazd) the following: If you got to choose, would you rather play in the futsal national team of Finland (FIFA ranking 52.) or Iran (FIFA ranking 5.)? You were born in Iran, weren't you?"

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